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Martin Foran – The Forgotten Man

Martin Foran is the only person in British Legal history to have suffered a double miscarriage of justice and this is the compelling account of his 40 year fight for justice following almost 20 years of wrongful imprisonment.

With only a short time to live, Foran’s has been a lone voice against the establishment for 40 years before suppressed evidence emerged to prove his innocence.

After being framed for six crimes he did not commit resulting in two convictions and almost 20 years in prison, Foran’s second conviction was eventually quashed in 2013 after a 17 year battle. He continued his fight against his first conviction which was referred to the Court Of Appeal and this too was quashed on October 3rd, 2014. Compensation has been refused for both these fraudulent convictions and is still being contested.

In their determination to convict him, the West Midlands Serious Crime Squad resorted to an unprecedented level of corruption and fraud. This corruption became endemic right to the top of the Force and into the heart of the justice system until Lord Justice Leveson ordered their disbandment in 1989.

This is not for the squeamish as his prison treatment is described in candid detail. The book also reveals disturbing evidence of corruption at the highest level.

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J R. Stephenson is an author, businessman and broadcaster.

He has written several books on crime and corruption, including the banking sector and writes thriller novels based on real incidents experienced during his business career.

His broadcasting ranges from his weekly, 2-hour radio programme on current affairs to guest spots on the BBC and LBC. He also regularly comments on economics and business affairs on Aljazeera Television’s global English network.

On being approached by ShieldCrest Publishing and investigating Martin Foran’s story and studying copious documents, he was convinced there had been a serious miscarriage of justice which went to the very heart of the British justice system. It exposed fraud and corruption to the very top of a police force, incredulous decisions and mis-directions by the judiciary and inhuman treatment while in the care of HM prison service.

It also uncovered the extent to which senior politicians and successive Home Secretaries turned a blind eye to what was happening and refused to become involved and reopen his case.

He hopes by exposing the details this book might prevent the same treatment being meted out to others.

His other crime books include:

Crooked Justice  (ISBN978-1-910176-39-9)

Barclays-Bankers or Bandits  (ISBN978-1-907629-48-8)


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Click on the image below to view the video of the author J.R. Stephenson summarising why he felt compelled to write the story of Martin Foran in his book “The Forgotten Man’.

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