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“The Rise and Fall of the NHS”

Professor Donald Longmore OBE is a pioneering heart surgeon who has devoted his life to the National Health Service despite numerous offers to work in the USA and elsewhere.

This book is therefore an authoritative account of his personal experiences while working in the NHS and his solution to the current problems that beset the organisation he loves.

Professor Longmore is an eminent physician and surgeon who has dedicated his life and career over a period of over 50 years to the National Health Service which he loves. It is a personal and provocative account of his experiences during that time and finishes with his own personal formula for correcting the direction in which it is moving to regain the esteem in which it was once held.


“This book is an informative and authoritative read concerning the initial establishment and now the slow decline of the NHS and certainly has my imprimatur.”

Sir Peter Mansfield, Nobel Laureate FRS


“In the “Rise and Fall of the NHS” Donald Longmore has identified that the NHS has long since passed its finest hour.”

Sir Stanley Simmons Ktb, Frcsed. Past President Of The Royal College Of Obstetricians And Gynaecologists.

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