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J R. Stephenson is an author, businessman and broadcaster.

He has written several books on crime and corruption, including the banking sector and writes thriller novels based on real incidents experienced during his business career.

His broadcasting ranges from his weekly, 2-hour radio programme on current affairs to guest spots on the BBC and LBC. He also regularly comments on economics and business affairs on Aljazeera Television’s global English network.

Carl Miller is a successful businessman in the cutthroat world of London’s nightlife. When obese crook, Barry Johns, flees the country leaving Miller with a large unpaid debt, he starts an intensive search with his trusted colleagues, Paula Stone and Felix Umbwese.

The chase takes them across Europe where they encounter a leading vice racketeer and drug baron who also wants Johns dead. Miller now has to find him before they do.

Both Umbwese and Stone narrowly escape death but manage to obtain vital leads and eventually Johns is located working under a new name in Spain.

Up to his old tricks, he is stealing from his new boss, Keith Richards, a property developer and Miller has to find a way to get to Johns first and extract his money.

His clever scheme leads to a partnership with Richards to solve both their problems.

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Martin Foran is the only person in British Legal history to have suffered a double miscarriage of justice and this is the compelling account of his 40 year fight for justice following almost 20 years of wrongful imprisonment.

With only a short time to live, Foran s has been a lone voice against the establishment for 40 years before suppressed evidence emerged to prove his innocence. After two false convictions and spending over 19 years locked up for crimes he did not commit, Foran’s second conviction was quashed in 2013 but, alarmingly, compensation was refused and is still being fought for.

Continuing his fight against his first conviction, it was eventually referred to the Court Of Appeal and this too was quashed on October 3rd, 2014. In their determination to convict him, the West Midlands Serious Crime Squad resorted to an unprecedented level of corruption and fraud. This corruption became endemic right to the top of the Force and into heart of the justice system until Lord Justice Leveson ordered the disbandment of the Squad. The events are written in candid detail and reveal disturbing evidence of corruption at the highest level.

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How the culture at the top of Barclays allowed its managers to dishonour agreements, deceive its customers, protect and reward a fraudster and bring a successful company to its knees simply because, in their own words; “It suited us’.

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